Many diabetes patients tend to forget the importance of correct footwear, and they fail to take proper care of their feet. This is very harmful as it can lead to foot ulcers and cause other problems related to the feet. Foot ulcers are very painful and have the potential to become serious, or even lead to a condition where the foot needs to be amputated.

It is quite easy to ignore foot care needs when there are other health issues to worry about. However, proper footwear is one the main necessities for those suffering from diabetes. There are a few professional podiatrists in Chiefland, Florida to help you determine the kind of care you must take of your feet.

Qualities of good footwear for diabetic individuals

For people suffering from diabetes, several things need to be looked at, when it comes to choosing footwear. Unlike other healthy individuals, diabetic patients may be exposed to different risks of additional issues if they fail to wear the right footwear. Here are a few qualities of the ideal footwear for individuals suffering from this problem.

• Proper footwear helps in relieving excessive pressure on dedicated areas. When you wear regular shoes, some areas of your feet face excessive strain as compared to others. This can lead to ulcers or the breakage of your skin, which can be very problematic. A good pair of shoes should be able to give equal support for all areas of your feet.

• A proper pair of shoes can reduce the amount of vertical pressure placed on the bottom of your feet. It will also prevent your feet from moving horizontally between the shoes, so it reduces the chances of getting cuts.

• Proper footwear will help in preventing your joints from moving too much. This can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It also improves the stability and functioning of your feet.

Orthotisc and prescription footwear for diabetics

For many people suffering from diabetes, it is usually necessary to wear special footwear that is prescribed by a doctor. Healing shoes, in-depth shoes, customized shoes, orthoses, and external shoe modifications are the options available for diabetic patients. You may require this prescription footwear depending on your condition and physical abilities.

Orthotics is also used in correcting problems related to the foot and ankle, without requiring any surgical treatment. Foot pads, ankle braces, and shoe inserts are some of the popular forms of orthotics. Speak to an orthotic specialist or a podiatrist in Chiefland Florida in order to determine the best footwear for you.